Wednesday, November 19, 2014

          Redemption Highlights... 

    Kezina Garnett 
 New York City College of Technology
 Nursing Major

Kezina Garnett is a graduate of Brooklyn Collegiate High School located in Brooklyn, New York. While attending High School she participated in various programs such as Redemption Youth Community Council, and The National Honor Society. She also volunteered at Methodist and Downstate hospital. In the summer of 2010 she volunteered at Methodist hospital located in Park Slope, Brooklyn where her responsibilities consisted of feeding and carrying meals to patients, carrying blood work to the lab, organized formulas on the shelves in pediatrics section, and provide patients needs. She was recognized by The National Honor Society for her academic accomplishments and high GPA. As a member of Redemption Youth Community Council Kezina was provided the opportunity to mentor and serve as a role model to sixth graders. She believes that the most rewarding part as a mentor to sixth graders was being able to influence them to take their education seriously because it can help expose them to greater and better places. Through volunteering she discovered that it is good to give back to her community and the exposure to numerous experiences has helped her to grow as an individual. In 2011, Kezina graduated from High School with an Advanced Regents Diploma and has been honored with several citations for being an honor student in her graduating class. Kezina currently attends New York City College of Technology where she has been accepted into the nursing program. Through her college experience Kezina has learned that “you should not get discouraged by your failures because your failures only make you stronger”.