Youth Council

Redemption Youth Community Council (RYCC)

Founding Redemption Youth Community Council (2008)
Alumni President - Luc-Karl Gaspard
President - Timothy Compere
Vice President - Obed Zamor
Co-Engineer- Kevin Louis
Co-Engineer - Vladamair Tingue
Event Coordinator - Steven Elias
Secretary - Wayneka Aris
Member - Brandon Alexander
Member - Edzer Bousher 
Member - Nathaniel Doyne
Member – Lloyd Edwards
Member – Chaz Davis  

In 2008, we realized that we wanted a way for students to work with each other; we decided to set up a peer-to-peer program. RYCC provides opportunities for teens to obtain educational tools, life skills, leadership skills, communication and relationship development. All members will be better prepared to continue their post-secondary planning and empowered by their civic engagement. 

Students meet weekly to plan and implement activities that will encourage their peers to embark and/or stay on the path to success, as they receive mentorship to support them along their path.  Throughout the year, the Council plans, implements and facilitates the following community-wide events, and they hang out as a family on their own time. 

Balance - "There is a time and place for everything."